Remote Learning Tutorials

Are you new to remote learning? Have you been tossed into the deep end and are expected to now teach with distance learning tools that are new to you? Not to worry—we're here to help! Check out these tutorials and webinars, and get the support you need to effectively reach your students now! 

Remote Teaching Basics

How to Separate a PDF for Your Students

How You and Your Students Can Use PDF Files

More Ways to Use a PDF

Adding Accent Marks in Google Docs

How to Type and Draw on a PDF | The Comment Feature on Acrobat Reader

Easily make any PDF resource an editable document you can send to your students.

Copy your PDF file into your Google Drive.

Step 1 Drag PDF to Google Drive

Open the file with Google Docs.

Step 2 Open with Google Docs

Google Classroom

How to Add a PDF into Google Classroom

Submitting Work in Google Classroom

Uploading Video to YouTube for Google Classroom

More Ways to Use Video with Google Classroom

Grading with Rubrics in Google Classroom

When uploading video files to share with your students, be sure to set the Visibility to "Unlisted" or "Private" so it is only shared with your students.

Click on the camera icon to upload your video.

Step 1 - Upload Your Video

In "Step 3," change the visibility to Unlisted or Private.

Step 2 - Set the Privacy to Unlisted or Private


Getting Started: Creating a Home Page in Canvas

Linking Pages in Canvas

Creating Quizzes and Assignments in Canvas

Linking Quizlet and Quizizz to Canvas

More Ways to Use Video in Canvas


Remote Teaching 101—Google Classroom Basics

Remote Teaching 102—More Google Classroom

Creating Manageable and Meaningful Lessons for Remote Learning

Other Remote Learning

¡TÚ PUEDES! Tutorial | An App for Remote Learning

Thematic Units & IPAs | Remote Teaching by Elaine Swope

Thematic Units & IPAs | Remote Teaching by Melissa Creamer

French Thematic Units & IPAs | with Renée Beck


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